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PopUp Challenge

Vallée du Trient

You're a mountain user: the PopUp Challenge is for you! It's a game that lets you discover the Alpine regions in a fun and relaxed way, without the pressure of a time trial!

And how do you do it?

Using an Allplication downloadable onto your mobile phone, scan the QRs of the points of interest proposed by the Challange destinations, collect bonus points (HopUps) and try to win prizes. The PopUp Challenge offers walks and excursions linked to destinations or entities that showcase the heritage and riches of our Alpine region.

The aim is to validate all the points of interest proposed by the destination in order to win a Finisher Prize awarded by the destination.
The PopUp Challenge can be done on foot, on horseback, by bike... by any other means of soft mobility available in the mountains!


The Trient Valley Challenges :


Vallée du Trient Tourisme


Le Gilliod 27
1929 Trient

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